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Everyone is back in school my dash is dead, danG


When you are really into musicals and none of your friends are…



Theres always that one bitch that isnt down with murder TPing 
Don't leave. i love youuuuu

I didn’t leave man
I mean I tried
Here I am in the sweaty grip of the paws of capitalism (aka tumblr)

happy birthday!! ik this is late or smth whoops

Technically it is 11:50pm over here so you are just in time

You know who I want to see fanart of? Fuck Gregory and mole I need Josh from the TP episode

Are you alright, though? I know you left because this site was bringing you down and causing you stress...

Ha ah it still is
But I do enjoy the community here, trust me tumblr has hundreds of flaws but it’s a top notch place for social media
Also I realized deviantart and pixiv are shit if you want to get ur art noticed

Are you back again?

Arcas back
Back again
Arcas back
Tell a friend

I haven’t draw sp in literally months, now I’m trapped again help

Theres always that one bitch that isnt down with murder TPing